The Open City Network is a startup non-profit that builds democratic technology. Pre-COVID, we were developing a new model of national municipal digital infrastructure, based on open protocols, not closed platforms. We worked to change the relationship between cities and technology, to reduce the democratic risk cities face, while setting up our municipal sector and innovation economy for success. 


Post-COVID, and post-Sidewalk Labs, we’re building on our strong roots in cities to further embrace the economic imperative behind our work. Canada’s innovation economy is battered but not beaten, and now is the time to seed national digital infrastructures that can catalyze recovery and become critical assets across the public and private sectors.


Municipalities remain vital partners: the venn diagram of cities + SME innovation policy + federal infrastructure have always overlapped more than we’ve effectively harnessed in Canada. Understanding that balance will help catalyze our long-term economic recovery, support the responsible modernization of our cities at scale, and strengthen all of our public institutions for the age of intangibles.

Our Open City Platform work has evolved into the Canadian Data Protocol (CDP): an open digital layer where public and private can discover + combine data to create scalable technology and policy solutions. Our goal is to enable the exchange of data across sectors, with companies and cities as data generators and consumers,  to unlock the true potential network effects and value of shared data access. We are currently coalition building and working to open funding pathways for the CDP. 


To accommodate the current changes, our May 19 Discovery Day is being pushed out until the right moment comes. Registration is still open should you wish to be notified when we rebook.


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